Introducing the ThermPix Thermovisual Device

The ThermPix can be used by all clinicians to quickly collect data and collaborate with other healthcare providers, streamlining patient evaluation while improving their access to care.

ThermPix Captures What is Invisible

The ThermPix Thermovisual Device is FDA 510(k) cleared to record heat patterns and variations and capture those images to share with patients and other clinicians.

Information at Your Fingertips

Simplified infrared thermography to accurately view and assess thermal patterns to assist clinicians in developing a patient treatment plan

  • STEP 1: Connect ThermPix to WiFi
  • STEP 2: Assess & record thermal pattern images
  • STEP 3: Upload real-time to HIPAA compliant cloud
  • STEP 4: Share images with patients & other clinicians

First Application: Venous Insufficiency

Thermography uses an infrared technology to detect temperature differences on the surface of the body and then display these patterns graphically.

Blood that is refluxed in an insufficient vein emits a higher temperature than healthy vessels.  This enables visualization of the diseased veins with thermography.

It can be utilized as an adjunctive diagnostic tool for diseases that create heat patterns in the human body.

Thermography offers the potential to diagnose conditions earlier, simplify patient communications, and treat venous diseases more effectively.

Thermal imaging of refluxing veins in the right medial thigh

Visual photography showing no obviously visible surface veins

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